The future of manufacturing lies in exposing students to technology which is used in industry and more importantly getting them to engage with it! Vectric has software which is perfect for the educational environment, easy enough to make progress in a standard class period but also with enough power to be used for more in-depth projects to enable all levels of student use. In addition Vectric offer all the software for purchase as a class-room license (see below for more info) and don’t require complex networking or a hardware key (dongle) making it easy to administrate.

One of the best things about adding a CNC to a school or college is how many subjects it has the potential to cross-over into. Most typical uses are in classes which teach woodworking or general workshop skills. The technology also has potential to be used by other subjects such as electronics, engineering or science (robotics, parts for experiments) and even has applications in the arts (print block making, carving, theatre props etc.) While using a CNC, students can engage in making something they are interested in while learning real-world manufacturing skills, math (Cartesian coordinates) and engineering. In addition to a learning tool a CNC can be used to make signs for the school, awards or trophies for sport or academic achievement, props and stage sets for theatre productions and gifts for fundraising so has benefit on a number of levels.

What can you make?

  • Furniture, cabinets and other wood shop projects, etc.

  • Craft projects (boxes, dishes etc.)

  • Signage and Plaques

  • Awards for sport and academic achievement

  • School Logo cut outs and carving

  • Fabricating housing, dials, gauges etc. for electronic projects or robots

  • Parts for practical science experiments

…and many others

Features and Benefits

  • Genuine ease of use and ability to progress in short amounts of time

  • Powerful set of 2D Drawing and Editing tools to layout a design, including the ability to import an image (photo or scan) to trace vectors

  • Ability to import and edit data from many other drawing programs (AutoCAD, TurboCAD, Inkscape, CorelDrawy, Adobe Illustrator etc.)

  • Ability to work with 3D Clipart (Vector Art 3D etc.), import 3D models from other 3D programs or create your own 3D models in Aspire

  • A selection of easy to understand toolpaths to show the effect of different choices and allows the correct approach to cutting parts

  • High quality multi-color Toolpath Preview for part verification and customer approval – ensures you can see exactly what your part will look like before you actually cut it

  • Extensive high quality video tutorials provide resource material for teaching and also give the students a way of doing self-directed learning

  • Many free online resources including Free Projects, searchable FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) and a very helpful friendly online User Forum

  • Educational pricing allows the software to be installed on up to 40 PC’s in a single classroom for the cost of one standard license of the software (example VCarve Pro = US$695).

Customer Sucess Story

Student made a 6' tall Eiffel Tower

This student decided to create a scale model of the Eiffel Tower as part of an educational project. The idea was to help students understand 'Z-Depth' in relation to material thickness.

Using VCarve Pro the student was able to edit and output toolpaths with ease to cut the design. The final piece was so impressive that she won an award and had her creation featured on display at the Technology Education area at the Ohio State Fair. Read More >

Tables that high school woodworkers created

Our woodshop classes are kind of unique. We start with the traditional intro to woodworking (boxes, stools, etc.) and then move to signs to intro our newer equipment. Laser engraver and then on to CNC.

Table is the end of the year project with the focus being the design, we start with plans, and then they can change the design if they like but not the proportions. Read More >

Choosing your Vectric software

All Vectric software is available for purchase by Schools, Colleges and Universities, for the cost of a standard license an educational establishment can install the software on up to 40 PC’s in a single classroom.

Most commonly our educational customers are running VCarve Pro or Aspire. VCarve Pro will let you run a large variety of projects, teaching the fundamentals of CNC Routing so can be a good starting point. Aspire lets your students start to explore the world of 3D relief modeling. They can start to understand how 3D space works, take their own designs or imported images and use them as a base to build decorative free form relief shapes and then ultimately carve their own parts. Many schools also take advantage of 3D clip art (www.vectorart3d.com and www.designandcarve.com) so their students can quickly and easily carve existing 3D designs.

Trial versions of each program along with tutorial videos and examples can be downloaded to see for yourself how easy the Vectric programs are to use and which set of features would work best for your classroom.

Please send an email to sales@vectric.com for ordering information.

Educational purchases cannot be made via the Web store front, only via the sales team.

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