At Vectric we think owning and using a CNC is one of the best hobbies around, we even have two machines for our employees to use in the office (Vectric Labs Website). Not only does a CNC open up many other potential hobby avenues it is a great base for starting a weekend or retirement business.

The majority of Hobby/Craft users want a simple to use but powerful software program that will let them make a wide variety of projects. While typically working with wood to start with, often the flexibility of the CNC and software opens up the potential to work with lots of other materials and in many different applications.

Vectric have a unique focus which has made our products very popular amongst hobby and craft CNC users. First of all we offer genuine ease of use which is augmented by free high quality training materials, at the same time we do not compromise on the features that you will ultimately need to productively make what you want with the CNC.

The technical benefits are coupled with excellent value, a simple set of product options and the ability to try before you buy. Vectric do not sell long-term maintenance contracts, when we have a new upgrade available then you can download the trial and evaluate it and decide for yourself if you want to upgrade to the new version or not. If not then you can continue to work with the version you have. So the cost of ownership will only grow if your hobby/business requirements do. We also offer FREE monthly projects to give you parts you can make immediately or customize for your own use.

Many low-cost CNC manufacturers choose to bundle Vectric software with their machines. Their reasoning being that it gives their customer the best chance of making the parts they want as quickly and easily as possible and with a minimum support overhead. As with all the best business practices this also coincides with what is best for the end user, ease of use, good value, the product doing what they want with minimum ongoing hassles.

If you are new to CNC and have not yet read our “Introduction to CNC pages”

What can you make?

  • Decorative Carvings (mantels, panels, wall hangings etc.)
  • Clocks
  • Awards and Plaques
  • House and Business Signs
  • Boxes (Jewelry, Shadow, Toy Chests etc.)
  • Furniture – cutting components to assemble
  • Furniture - carved embellishments
  • Musical Instruments
  • Wooden Toys
  • Games (Cribbage, Chess, Backgammon Boards etc.)
  • Money Boxes
  • Cutting Boards
  • Picture and Mirror Frames
  • Home Projects (honey-do's) – spoon racks, magazine holders etc.
  • Dishes and plates
  • Display Cases
  • Coasters
  • Plaques, Awards and Trophies
  • Lithophanes

…and many others

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful set of 2D Drawing and Editing tools to layout your design, including the ability to import an image (photo or scan) to trace vectors

  • Ability to import and edit data from many other drawing programs (AutoCAD, TurboCAD, Inkscape, CorelDrawy, Adobe Illustrator etc.)

  • Ability to work with 3D Clipart (Vector Art 3D etc.), import 3D models from other 3D programs or create your own 3D models in Aspire

  • A selection of task specific toolpaths and control options to let you most efficiently produce high quality cut parts

  • High quality multi-color Toolpath Preview for part verification and customer approval – ensures you can see exactly what your part will look like before you actually cut it

  • Extensive high quality video tutorials make it easy to train staff to use the Vectric programs

  • Many free online resources including Free Projects, searchable FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) and a very helpful friendly online User Forum

Customer Sucess Story

SPalm Creative Hobbyist

In this case study we talked to Steve Palm, a hobbyist CNC woodworker from Columbia, Maryland, to learn more about some of the projects he has built with his homemade CNC.

Steve explained to us why he started out in CNC, his approachwork and how Vectric software has helped enhance his projects over the past 6 years. Steve was also kind enough to provide downloadable .crv files for one of his projects - the dowel hinged jewelry box.

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3D Great White Shark

For Tim, woodworking has been a lifelong hobby and passion and the decision to incorporate CNC technology within his well-equipped shop was seen by Tim as a natural progression.

Tim invested in his Shopbot CNC over 10 years ago and soon required more sophisticated design software to tackle the projects he wanted to undertake. However, he became disillusioned with the lack of choice in the market, especially when it came to price...

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Choosing your Vectric software

Cut2D is a good starting point to give you all the functionality you need for drawing or importing your 2D designs and creating the toolpaths to cut-out, pocket, inlay or drill your parts. If your CNC has a machining area of smaller than 24" x 24" (600mm x 600mm) then the Desktop edition will be a very affordable option. If not then you may want to look at Cut2D Pro. Certainly if you have no prior computer design experience the easy to use design tools and in depth tutorials will help you draw the data you need and then translate that to code the machine can cut. Our customers often comment on how quickly they were able to start cutting parts after downloading the program.

For customers wanting to V-Carve text, cut prism shapes, create textures or work with imported 3D data then VCarve would be the product to look at. This includes all the 2D drawing and toolpathing from Cut2D but adds the tools listed above. This is our most popular program and gives you a huge amount of capability with any CNC. Again there is a Desktop and Pro edition depending on the size of your machine and whether you plan to do any production type work.

For those wanting to do more with 3D CNC carving such as create their own relief models from 2D vectors they we would recommend evaluating Vectric’s Aspire. Aspire has the same 2D/2.5D drawing and machining tool-set and ease of use as VCarve but adds the 3D modeling and machining options. If your not sure about how much 3D you are going to do then you can start with VCarve then you can upgrade at any time to Aspire and receive a credit of the value your editio of VCarve against the purchase price of Aspire.

PhotoVCarve allows you to create an etched picture or a Lithophane from a digital photo or scanned image. Again for those considering Aspire, that does allow you to make Lithophanes so PhotoVCarve may not be required.

A lot of our Hobby/Craft users find Vector Art 3D’s selection of clip-art to be a useful resource for CNC-ready 3D models. Their website has a large library of over 2000 designs which can be downloaded, sized and toolpaths created to cut immediately on a CNC. This is a very quick and relatively low-cost route to start making 3D parts. Another site which sells Vectric friendly clipart is Design & Make, they offer terrific value themed collections of models. Aspire and VCarve users can import these 3D models to edit and combine to make more complex designs and the software is supplied with a large seleciton of Vector Art 3D models as part of the included 3D Clip Art.  

Trial versions of each program along with tutorial videos and examples can be downloaded to see for yourself how easy the Vectric programs are to use and which set of features would work best for you.

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