With the growing “Maker” movement and more serious hobbyists looking to manufacture parts for their pastime, small to medium sized CNC’s are growing in popularity. A lot of attention is given to 3D printers for this use and while they are good for “growing” some types of parts, many applications are better served by a CNC which has more flexibility for cutting accurate usable parts in a larger variety of materials. As the prices come down and quality improves a CNC is a realistic tool to put in your garage to allow you to make your designs into reality. Many people even build their own CNC machines and then use them to make components to build better and bigger machines!

Vectric offer a range of options which allow you to easily do something as simple as import 2D data from a CAD program (AutoCAD, TurboCAD, InkScape, Sketchup, CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator etc.) and create toolpaths to cut out the shapes all the way through to importing and machining 3D models. There are also solutions for those without CAD who wish to draw their parts and cut them both for 2D and 3D design. The simplicity of using the software, coupled with the training materials and ability to check the output with the simulation make it easier to create working parts with less iteration.

Vectric even have their own "Maker Space" for employees including a couple of CNC's and various other pieces of equipment - we occasionally blog about what we're making on the Vectric Labs Website.

What can you make?

  • Prototype components

  • Model Making

  • Radio Control Model Parts

  • Vacuum form molds

  • Casting Patterns

  • Boxes/instrument housing                                              

  • Dials

  • Gears

…and many others

Features and Benefits

  • Genuine ease of use so you can start making parts ASAP

  • Import files from design software in many 2D and 3D formats

  • Quick and accurate 2D editing tools to fix any data problems or adjust a drawing to make it ready for toolpath creation

  • A selection of task specific 2D, 2.5D and 3D toolpaths and to let you most efficiently produce high quality cut parts

  • High quality multi-color Toolpath Preview for part verification and customer approval

  • Extensive high quality video tutorials and intuitive work-flow mean it is easy learn how to make what you need

Customer Sucess Story

Cri Cri Project

Shannon runs a successful custom CNC routing service by day, but in his off time he uses his CNC machine to tackle various personal projects. In fact after soon learning the CNC basics Shannon decided to take on a very ambitious project; to machine and build a form of light aircraft called a CriCri. Shannon agreed to share his reasons to take on the project. Read More >

Concept Car Model

Caleb Dawson is a product designer who has been using Cut3D and VCarve Pro to help create three-dimensional prototypes of his consumer and furniture designs.

Caleb has found both pieces of Vectric software invaluable for speeding up the design process and shaving costs off getting his designs prototyped. Read More >

Choosing your Vectric software

If you’re looking to fabricate simple 2D shapes or cut simple engineering components then Cut2D is a very easy to use, low cost solution for importing vector data (DXF, DWG, EPS, PDF etc.) or creating vector drawings and then generating profile, pocket and drilling toolpaths to machine the finished piece. If your CNC has a work area smaller than 24" x 24" (600mm x 600mm) then the Desktop edition is a great value way to get into design and machining, if you want to cut parts larger than that then you would look at Cut2D Pro.

For customers looking to do more with 2.5D toolpath features then VCarve may be a better choice. This take the ease of use and excellent drawing tools available in Cut2D and adds, V-Carving, Prism Carving, Fluting and Textures along with the ability to import and toolpath a 3D model. To add 3D relief modeling and editing capabilities to the design and machining of VCarve Pro then Aspire would be the ultimate option.

For customers who have a 3D model created in another software program and do not require 2D or 2.5D toolpaths then Cut3D would be a good choice to generate the toolpaths to cut your parts. It lets you step through a set of easy stages to create roughing, finishing and cut-out toolpaths to machine your free-form 3D parts.  With the slicing ability, tabs to hold the parts in place and multi-sided machining options, Cut3D makes a viable alternative to 3D printing for those who want to take advantage of the accuracy and material types that can be cut on a CNC. If you do also require combining this with profiling, pocketing, drilling etc. then VCarve provides a lot more flexibility that Cut3D so would be a better choice.

Trial versions of each program along with tutorial videos and examples can be downloaded to see for yourself how easy the Vectric programs are to use and which set of features would work best for you.

Trial Download Software
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