The majority of Vectric users work with wood on their CNC Routers. Our customers range from amateur woodworkers, up to professional cabinets makers and architectural millworks.  The Vectric software provides the relevant tools for whatever level of wood product you’re interested in making. On this page you can see some examples showing that the products have the power, control and flexibility needed to create the highest level of quality and craftsmanship.

Many of the shops using the software in a professional environment mix it with other software programs where they may do their design work, or they will use the Vectric software to create both their drawing, 3D models and toolpaths to run the CNC.

What can you make?

  • Cabinets and Case Work

  • Architectural Millwork

  • Tables, Chairs, Chests, Drawers, Armoires, Gun Cabinets etc.

  • Carved Doors

  • Carved decoration for furniture

  • Musical Instruments

…and many others

Features and Benefits

  • Import files from your design or drafting software in many 2D and 3D formats

  • Quick and accurate 2D editing tools to fix any problems or adjust drawing data ready for toolpath creation

  • Advanced True Shape Nesting maximizes material usage minimizing waste

  • A selection of task specific toolpaths and control options to let you most efficiently produce high quality cut parts

  • Toolpath Templates automatically apply commonly used strategies and settings to new designs

  • High quality multi-color Toolpath Preview for part verification and customer approval

  • Extensive high quality video tutorials make it easy to train staff to use the Vectric programs

Customer Sucess Story

My First Year of CNC

For this case study we got in touch with Andrew Coholic to discuss his first year using CNC technology and Vectric software.

In the article we find out more about Andrew's lifelong passion for woodworking and how it led him to run his own business and ultimately how he was first introduced to CNC. Andrew then shares more details about ten of his projects with us, showcasing his development over the past year. Read More >

Church Booth

Dean Lutes, founder of Wonders of Wood, has been a traditional woodworker for the past 21 years. After leaving his career in heavy construction he started his own business and is currently working out of a self-built cabinet shop near his home in Tennessee.

In this case study Dean tells how he create the Church Booth you can see in the image above. Read More >

Choosing your Vectric software

If your work on a CNC is strictly importing or drawing 2D parts to be profiled, pocketed, inlayed or drilled (2D machining) then Cut2D Pro may be your best solution. For the majority of Woodworkers though VCarve Pro will give you all that plus the ability to v-carve, flute and even texture your parts. Bith programs include many features to help automate production of similar parts such as applying sets of toolpaths to data from cabinet layout programs and also material saving options such as the true-shape nesting. In additon it can import a 3D model from another CAD system and let you integrate that into your design along with 3D toolpaths to cut it. We would not recommend the Desktop editions for professional use.

For those wanting to do the above but also to create carved panels for doors, or mantels, customized decorative applique, 3D components for furniture, musical instruments etc. then you should evaluate Aspire to see how its range of relief modeling and editing tools can help you create the 3D parts you want to make on your CNC.

You may also find Vector Art 3D’s and Design & Make's selection of clip-art to be a useful resource to add carved decoration to your parts, these can be used as they are shown on the site or edited in VCarve or Aspire to create customized layout and design to fit specific jobs.

The other Vectric products do not have specific relevance to woodworkers but may be useful for other tasks on you Router if you’re interested in converting photos to etched images then it would be worth looking at the trial version of PhotoVCarve.

Trial versions of each program along with tutorial videos and examples can be downloaded to see for yourself how easy the Vectric programs are to use and which set of features would work best for you.

Trial Download Software
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