Vectric software is used extensively by using Sign Makers to drive their CNC Routers. The software can add value whether you want to efficiently produce simple 2D shapes or add value to a dimensional sign with a detailed carved model. As the CNC is just one tool in the armory of the professional sign artist we know your software needs to be easy to use when you need to make something. We also know that a successful sign artist may need to do many things so we have solutions with the flexibility to allow you to create a wide variety of parts and finishes in a large selection of different materials.

Aspire and VCarve Pro both include the tools to design and carve complete signs in one piece of material or to accurately create separate parts which can be more easily finished and assembled. They both also allow designs to be easily adjusted to manipulate customer data to fix errors and make it machine-ready. The many professional and amateur Sign Makers using Vectric software to make amazing signs are testament to its suitability for this application.

What can you make?

  • Cutting out letters and shapes

  • Cutting out layered 2D components to build up a 3D sign

  • Prismatic or Bevelled Letters

  • Inlays and Stepped inlay shapes

  • Carving 3D “graphics”

  • Carving complete 3D signs

  • Carving “theme park” style full 3D foam models

  • Carving Textured backgrounds

…and many others

Features and Benefits

  • Import / export of 2D vector files from other design programs such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and many others (DWG, DXF, EPS, AI, PDF)
  • Extensive high quality video tutorials make it easy to train staff to use the Vectric programs
  • True Shape Nesting maximizes material usage minimizing waste

  • 2D Profiling with interactive tab hold-down, leads, ramping and other options

  • VCarving, Engraving and Raised 3D Prism machining

  • Auto-Inlays with multiple inlay options

  • Easily combine 2D and 3D toolpaths to cut shapes as efficiently as possible

  • Toolpath Templates automatically apply commonly used strategies and settings to new designs

  • Tiling of toolpaths to cut large jobs in sections on smaller machines

  • High quality multi-color Toolpath Preview for part verification and customer approval

Customer Case Studies

ECK Designs

After discovering Edward Eck's work in a popular sign magazine, Vectric were eager to learn more about his company ECK Designs. In this case study we see how Edwards business has grown over the years, creating magnificent signage, and gaining an enviable reputation using VCarve Pro exclusively for their production. Read More >

Oxenham Design

Jamie Oxenham, founder of Oxenham Design has been a keen user of Vectric's Aspire software for some time. He uses the software as part of his suite of tools to create an amazing array of 3D fabrications, movie props and dimensional signs. We got in touch with Jamie to learn more about his fantastic designs. Read More >

Choosing your Vectric software

Using VCarve Pro it’s very quick and easy to import or draw your design data, organise or edit the parts and then calculate appropriate toolpaths to create your carved shapes. The program will let you do everything from a simple cutout letters through to prism or v-carving, creating automatic inlays and even textured backgrounds. The software also includes material and time saving features such as true-shape nesting, toolpath templates and the ability to control profile cutting order. On top of that it can also import a 3D model to combine with your 2D and 2.5D toolpaths.

Aspire would be the best fit for those who want to do everything VCarve Pro can do as well as being able to model 3D graphics to enhance your signage or add more complex textures to backgrounds or lettering, generated from an image. For Sign Makers who work with very large 3D data for creating theme-park style displays then VCarve Pro or Aspire’s ability to slice and tile 3D parts may be beneficial.

Vector Art 3D and Design & Make's selection of CNC-ready clip-art can be a useful resource to offer pre-made 3D designs to customers as options for their signs. They can also be imported into Aspire and further edited combined to make a more complex 3d assembly.

The other Vectric products and the Desktop editions do not have specific relevance to sign makers but may be useful for other tasks on your Router.

Trial versions of each program along with tutorial videos and examples can be downloaded to see for yourself how easy the Vectric programs are to use and which set of features would work best for you.

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