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Case Study - ECK Designs


ECK Design - Globe Drug SignEdward Eck and his wife Jennifer Eck are the owners of ECK Designs, a creative sign company that has been producing unique, eye-catching signage since 1998.

Before starting ECK Designs, Edward graduated from Detroit Lakes Technical College after studying a sign lettering & design course. He then went on to work for Signs Incorporated in Milwaukee before setting up his own part-time venture a few years later. Ed decided to focus on designing and building dimensional signage over the next four years, whilst also working in a sales position outside the sign industry.

Business soon grew, finally allowing Ed and Jennifer to secure a 28x40 ft. shop, and it wasn't long until they went on to purchase a further 36x54 ft. commercial property to do all of their finishing work as well.

With business going well, Ed and Jennifer soon decided it was time to purchase a CNC router to help maximise their productivity. The efficiency and speed of a router was definitely welcomed as 80% of their work now consisted of cutting 3D signs on HDU board. We caught up with Ed who explained how they manufactured signs before purchasing a CNC router along with Vectric's VCarve Pro software,

"We were focusing on sandblasted signs and hand carved signs early on in our business model. After a few years the quantity started to get a little overwhelming, and we looked to add a CNC router to our shop, to speed up production. Time was spent researching machines and software, and we settled on an EZ router 4'x8' router with a spindle instead of a regular router, and Vectric's VCarve Pro CNC software.

When I went to train on the router at EZ, I was shown how to use the router on VCarve Pro, and I was able to easily design and write toolpaths almost immediately.

Since all of our design work is on sign specific software, I tend to design the sign on that and import the files to VCarve Pro. I usually only need 10-30 minutes to write all the toolpaths and preview the sign.

This software has allowed us to produce just about anything I need. From standard VCarved signs, to textured backgrounds, and custom cut letters and logos for interior applications. I also use it to make patterns, parts, and even some custom furniture."

Now Ed is able to offer and work with a variety of materials, such as aluminium composite signs, and overlaid plywood panel signs.

ECK Designs' experience and dedication to producing high quality designs has enabled them to offer very appealing signage that looks fantastic up close, "It seems that every time we install a sign, it influences others nearby to want to upgrade their signs.". This passion has rewarded the company with a strong client list and a solid reputation that has seen Ed support other sign shops with their production work on his CNC router!

ECK Designs - King Elementary Sign ECK Design - Echo Shores Resort Sign ECK Design - Coleraine Carnegie Library Sign ECK Design - Grand Plaza Sign

The ECK Designs website is a great online portal for the company, and Jennifer continues to update the current marketing material to help ensure they promote their ability to enhance a business's image in the most effective way possible.

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