Free Trial Edition CNC Projects

A selection of our Projects of the Month have been specially adapted to be used with the FREE Trial Versions of VCarve Pro or Aspire. This allows you to use the trial to make any of the fantastic parts you can see on the page below. For a full list of all our other projects you can visit our Project of the Month page here

Vectric's free projects come complete with thorough documentation, including an item checklist and step by step instructions. A downloadable zip file is also available containing the actual project files ready for you to import and use with your Vectric software!

These projects are designed to both inspire and educate our users, and every month we will be offering a new project for you to work on!

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IMPORTANT: Before outputting any toolpaths you should carefully check all part sizes and the material setup to make sure they are appropriate for your actual setup. You should also check and re-calculate all toolpaths with safe and appropriate settings for your material, CNC machine and tooling.

Terms of Use: This Project and artwork is provided on the understanding that it will only be used with Vectric software programs. You may use the designs to carve parts for sale but the Files and/or Vectors, Components or Toolpaths within them (or any derivatives) may not be converted to other formats, sold to, or shared with anyone else. This project is Copyright 2013 - Vectric Ltd.


Download the latest Trial Versions

DownloadYou will need the current version of the VCarve Pro or Aspire trial to run the projects on this page. You can download the trial version from here.

Note: For further information on how to purchase Aspire / VCarve Pro then please Click Here.

Available Projects:

"The Paradise Box"

This Vectric project features a highly decorative "chip carve" motif and can be enjoyed by trial users too.

The design is a blend of elaborate detail along with the mortised contemporary side panels to make a nice addition to any decor.
View Paradise Box Project
Paradise Box Project

"Grocery List Plaque"

This free project is a decorative v-carved plaque designed to hold a grocery list and pencil which would make a handsome addition to any kitchen wall.

The final piece measures approximately 9¾" x 17" x ¾"

View the Grocery List Plaque Project

View the Grocery List Plaque Project

"Vectricon Chroniker"

This project, created by Michael Tyler for Vectric, is a Victorian inspired time piece with a faux metal finish.

The project measures approximately 14¾" x 10½" x 4¼" deep 

View the Vectricon Chroniker  Project

View the Vectricon Chroniker  Project

"Coeur d'Amour" Box

The free Project of 2012 is a romantic 'Coeur d'Amour' (French for 'Heart of Love') box

This project would make an ideal present for a loved one on Valentines Day or as a sentimental gift for other occasions throughout the year.

View the Heart of Love box  FREE Vectric Project

View the Heart of Love box FREE Vectric Project

"Candy Duet"

This project is a customizable container with two compartments ready to store a variety of items, such as sweet treats for the festive period!

The Candy Duet measures 5.5" deep x 11" wide x 4" tall

View the Candy Duet Project

View the Candy Duet Project


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