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This month's project created by Michael Tyler for Vectric demonstrates how to create slotted photo frames with integrated wooden hinges by cutting out components and layering/gluing them together on top of one another.

Each frame will hold a 3½ x 5 photo with a clear plastic protective sheet and cardboard backing. This project is compatible with both VCarve Pro 6 and Aspire 3 (or greater).

The design is laid out as a tri-panel set, but can easily be modified to a bi-panel (by deleting the middle panel) or to an unlimited number of interlocking panels (by duplicating the middle panel as many times as you wish).

Wooden Hinged Photo Frames Project

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Note: This free Vectric project requires VCarve Pro 6 or Aspire 3.

Upgrade to Aspire 3Upgrade to VCarve Pro 6

The available download (zip file) contains:

  • A six page printable PDF document detailing the process, step-by-step.
  • The Aspire 3 / VCarve Pro 6 files you will need.
  • High-quality images of the finished piece.

(To 'unzip' your file once downloaded, you will need to right-click it in Windows Explorer and select Extract All)

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