Dutch Country Clock

The "Boat Hull Nautical Shelf" is an attractive way to display small treasures for your home or office. The sample’s hull walls, shelves and boat tip were selectively stained. The edge trim and inside back panel were left a natural light color. The instructions included with the file outline the specific method to acomplish this.

The two-tone wood finish on the sample is intended to resemble certain vintage wooden boats from the past. Of course, you may opt for a different type of finish, “shabby-chic” pastel perhaps? In any case, have fun with it and 'sea' what you can create!

Dimensions are approximately: 10.25 " W x 21.5" T x 3.625" D

If you create this project, then it would be great to see a photo of your finished piece over on the Vectric Forum. Alternatively feel free to email us a picture of your finished piece at online@vectric.com.

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Download project files

Download project filesDownload project pdf

This free Vectric project requires Aspire 8.0/ VCarve 8.0 or higher.

Upgrade to Aspire 4 Upgrade to Aspire 4

The downloadable zip file contains:

  • A printable PDF document detailing the process, step-by-step.
  • The Aspire 8.0 / VCarve 8.0 files you will need.
  • High-quality images of the finished piece.

(To 'unzip' your file once downloaded, you will need to right-click it in Windows Explorer and select Extract All)


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