The Vectric Difference

Vectric software is used by a wide range of CNC Router operators, from large professional shops all the way to home-built hobby users. Our diverse user-base is a result of product development and business practices focused on benefits that are important for any level of user. Click on the sections below to find out more about our approach.

Functionality >
Our long experience with developing CNC software and understanding of our customers needs, lets us ensure that the software has all the key features required for the product’s intended use.
Ease of Use >
We prioritise making our software as simple to use as possible without sacrificing the depth of features required to let you get the job done seamlessly and without frustration. 
Training >
We provide free, comprehensive, self-directed, high quality, realistic training material for all our products. Its structured to get you making parts quickly and then to allow you to increase your knowledge to get the most from your CNC as you gain experience.
Support >
We help and nurture our customers through our dedicated support website where you can access searchable FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions), download updates, contact our support department and download free customer resources. We also have regular user group meetings, a monthly newsletter and free projects available. On top of all this the depth of quality and community spirit on our online User Forum is a constant inspiration for us and priceless resource for all the Vectric "community".
Sales >
Vectric operate ethical sales practices such as letting you try before you buy, transparent pricing (we don’t do show specials or end-of-month discounts), no annual maintenance contracts and fair upgrade pricing. This gives our customers the choice to buy what they actually need and only upgrade when they want to.
Convenience >
We operate licensing that let you use the software where and when you need. A single user can install the software on up to 3 PC’s and we do not use a hardware key (dongle) as we realise this is impractical and at best awkward for most customers.

Below you can review a summary of each Vectric product and some of the key application groups that use the software to see how it could benefit your company, new business or hobby.





Cut2D provides a powerful drawing and 2D machining solution with Profile, Pocket, Drill and Inlay toolpaths. You can either create designs from scratch or import CAD or graphic designs (DXF, PDF, AI, EPS, SKP) into CNC toolpaths for machining parts and components.

It has a very simple and intuitive work-flow to let you get from the design to part as quickly as possible and is one of the most affordable and accessible ways to start cutting-out parts with your CNC.

Cut 2D - Overview|Process|Features|Trial

vcarve pro

Built on the same interface and work-flow as Cut2D, VCarve is a complete solution for 2D & 2.5D CNC routing. The software can also import and toolpath a single 3D model from another design program (STL, OBJ, SKP, 3DM etc.) as well as assembling multiple Vectric 3D Clip Art files.

Building on the comprehensive set of drawing tools and the profiling, pocketing and drilling in Cut2D, VCarve adds; v-carving, prism carving, texturing and many more options for cutting 2D and 3D parts with your CNC. VCarve's combination of affordable power and simplicity makes it our most popular program!

VCarve - Overview|Process|Features|Stories|Trial

Aspire provides all the functionality and ease of use of VCarve Pro for production routing but also adds the ability to create 3D relief models from 2D data. Dimensional shapes can be created, edited and joined to build your final design. In addition you can import and modify existing 3D data and clipart, this can be combined with 2D data and a large selection of toolpath options to enable your CNC to make a huge range of parts.

Aspire is an elegant solution to the complex problem of designing and machining 2D, 2.5D and 3D parts with a CNC.

Aspire - Overview|Process|Features|Stories|Trial

Cut 3D

Cut3D lets you very quickly and easily create toolpaths to carve free-form 3D parts modeled in another 3D design program. It utilizes a simple wizard-based interface but includes important options to help hold the part, allow you to cut it in slices or machine from multiple sides.

Cut3D is a great solution for cutting 3D on your CNC if you do not require Aspire’s modeling and layout tools. Cut3D can also be used with Cut2D or VCarve Pro, to combine the 3D with 2D or 2.5D toolpaths.

Cut3D - Overview|Process|Features|Stories|Trial

PhotoVCarve is a specialist program designed to convert photographs and images into toolpaths that can be run on a CNC Router or Engraver.

There are two main ways to use the program either to create a line-etched image carving or a back-lit permanent picture known as a "lithophane". The software can also be used to process grey-scale height maps into simple 3D toolpaths.

Photo VCarve - Overview|Process|Features|Stories|Trial


Woodwork broadly describes what the majority of our customers produce. Specific uses include cabinet making, furniture, architectural millwork, musical instruments, clocks, toys, decorative carvings and many others.

Vectric has solutions for all levels and types of CNC woodworker whether you are cutting production sheet goods or want to make exquisite hardwood carvings.

Woodwork - Overview|Feature & Benefits

Sign Making

Many Sign Makers are already taking advantage of our software to cut parts on their CNC's. Both VCarve Pro and Aspire make it easy to import or draw your sign design, organise and edit it and then calculate appropriate toolpaths to carve separate parts or the whole sign.

Either program will let you do everything from a simple cut-out letter to v-carving, automatic inlays, true-shape nesting and carving textured backgrounds. Aspire is required for those wishing to make 3D sign elements or full 3D signage.

Sign Making - Overview|Feature & Benefits

Makers / Prototyping / RC / Fabricators

As the prices come down and quality improves a CNC is becoming a realistic tool to convert ideas into reality. They are being utilized by the growing “Maker” movement, serious hobbyists looking to manufacture parts for their pastime, model makers and designers. For many applications a CNC is more flexible and accurate solution than a 3D printer.

Vectric’s power combined with ease of use makes us a natural choice enabling you to CNC-fabricate simple 2D shapes through to full 3D free form machining.

Makers - Overview|Feature & Benefits


With the lower cost and increased simplicity of working with a CNC many people are now using them to create craft items to start a small business or as the basis for a fulfilling hobby.

The combination of power and simplicity of Vectric software makes it a very popular choice for first time CNC’ers and offers the potential to do more as your skills and confidence increase. 

Hobby/Craft - Overview|Feature & Benefits

General Routing

Many of our users do not use their machine for a single application, instead making a variety of products for themselves or their customers.

The flexibility of the Vectric products makes them an ideal choice for non-application specific users regardless of what material or shapes they plan to cut with their CNC Router or Engraver. 

General Routing - Overview|Feature & Benefits


Vectric's products simplicity combined with industry standard functionality is perfect for the educational environment. Within a standard class period, realistic subjects can still be covered but the software also has the features to allow students with more time to create more complex projects. Our educational pricing makes it possible to outfit a classroom with any of the Vectric products.

Education - Overview|Feature & Benefits
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