At Vectric we think that a CNC machine the most interesting, flexible and useful tool a craftsman or business can have. If you have an interest to explore how you might use a CNC further then we would recommend working through the following list:

1. Download the detailed “Introduction to CNC”

If you have not already, then download the detailed “Introduction to CNC” document which expands on some of the information in this section of our website.

Download >

2. Visit the “Learn more about Vectric software” page

Take a look at the “Learn more about Vectric software” page to understand the scope of each program and how they fit into different customer needs. This should help you decide which Vectric products may be of interest to you.

Visit >


3. Download a FREE trial version of a Vectric product

Download a FREE trial version of any Vectric products you think will be applicable to you and start to work through the videos tutorials. The trial software is not time limited and has all the design and toolpath functionality (including the 3D preview) available to use within each program to learn and practice with. The trial version will not let you save toolpaths for your own designs, but Vectric do provide sample files for which you can save the toolpaths and drive a CNC for testing compatibility.

Download >

4. Use the Vectric Resources to maximize your success

We have detailed online training videos for all our products to teach you have to use them even when working with the Trial Versions. In addition we have a searchable FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) area that is a great resource for both new and experienced users.

Another excellent place to ask questions or search for previous posted information is the online Vectric User Forum. Here you will find he hub of the Vectric community where users will ask and answer questions and share experiences of both the software and other CNC related topics.

Links to these areas can all be found by following this link for the Vectric Support Website >

5. Keep researching which CNC machine will be your perfect partner

If you’re looking for a CNC then continue your research comparing the machines on offer to find the one that fits your requirements best.

Once you have chosen a CNC either for your business or hobby and you start making things be sure to come back and become an active member of the Vectric Community and share your success with others on the Vectric forum.
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